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Calzado para Caballos - Renegade
Why yet another hoof boot design?

Being heavily involved in the field of "Natural Hoof Care" for many years and competing in endurance events with barefooted horses, I became increasingly frustrated with available hoof boot designs for their difficulty of use and their blatant disrespect for the bio-mechanical needs of the equine hoof capsule and lower leg.

It became obvious to me that something better was needed not only for the casual trail horse, but most definitely for the barefooted, competition endurance horse.

Possessing a background in industrial design, building construction, metal fabrication and model building, I began my quest to develop the hoof boot of my dreams.

The Renegade ® Hoof Boot Is the result of this quest which lasted over three calendar years and consumed an estimated 20,000 "man hours" of development time, coupled with simultaneous "field testing" by over a dozen competition endurance-horse and rider teams covering thousands and thousands of training and competition miles on some of the most rugged terrain in the southwest.

In Fact, The Renegade®Hoof Boot was used by Halim El Mokhtar to win the highly coveted American Endurance Ride Conference, Jim Jones Stallion Award in 2005 with 1,120 competition miles recorded in that year.

As the inventor, the developer and now the manufacturer, I can say with great confidence, the Renegade®Hoof Boot is the most thoroughly developed and most highly tested new hoof boot design ever... and all before going to the open


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